Assay identifies T cells as most capable of fighting infections and cancers The thought of fighting infections and even cancers by inducing protective immune responses may now be considered a step closer to clinical practice. Researchers have removed a major obstacle to widespread usage of so-known as adoptive transfer therapy, when a patient receives ‘killer’ immune cells targeting a disease agent. Existing technologies can easily provide T cells that will recognize a specific antigen, but it has been challenging to recognize individual cells most likely to succeed in fighting the condition – until now . Researchers at the Technische Universitaet Muenchen have developed the 1st assay for living T cells that can quantify how highly the cells' receptors bind with their targeted antigen.

For 60-year-olds, a daily aspirin regimen for a decade increases the threat of stomach bleeding from 2.2 % to 3.6 %. Agus advises patients get the alright from their doctor before adding the pill to your daily routine. ‘Doctors should talk to their patients,’ Agus said. ‘It isn’t for everybody. When you have upset abdomen or bleeding, it’s most likely not for you.’ Agus says that while the preventative benefits will be the same for people aged 50-65, women should begin taking aspirin in existence than men later. ‘Women get heart disease a little later on and cancer a little afterwards,’ he said.

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