Another shock was that kids who originated from homes with the best levels of allergens experienced no effect on the severe nature of RSV infection. The researchers measured levels of cat and pet allergen, two types of dirt mites and cockroach allergen, all of which have been linked to asthma and allergy problems in teenagers and adults. ‘We were thinking that the children who came from homes that experienced high allergen levels would already become compromised because they might have a a reaction to those allergens and develop swelling in their windpipes, so they might tend to do worse with RSV,’ Castro says.Inactivation of the DNA and spindle damage-induced cell loss of life pathways make these pancreatic tumors resistant to chemotherapy and radiation, the experts noted. Further evaluation of p73 phosphorylation tumor profiles and sensitivities to chemotherapy and radiation would help out with the advancement of targeted therapies and mixtures. Sen and colleagues, along with other research teams, previously discovered that Aurora-A phosphorylation also inhibits p53-induced cell loss of life after chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

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