The Washington Post. Deficit plan wins 11 of 18 votes, more than expected, but not enough to force action, the Commission recommends that the final plan, sharp cut military spending and phasing in a higher retirement age, the package would control nearly raise $ 1 trillion by 2020, mainly through movements that eliminate or reduce long-term loans, such as mortgage interest mortgage interest deduction. Meanwhile would be the highest tax rate for both individuals and businesses can be drastically reduced, from 35 % to 29 % or less (and Dennis Montgomery..

Journal Sentinel: Ryan Explains ‘No’ Vote on Debt – Reduction Plan, said he would vote against the debt – reduction plan of leaders of the President fiscal commission had authored, U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is both good and bad things about say on the proposal Thursday. Ryan said he would plan plan, when the Commission meets Friday because premise of the new premise of the new health care law and any restructuring of the country’s health care claims, Medicare primarily (Gilbert.On Kidney International – has been published Kidney International, on behalf of the International Society of Nephrology, See most widely cited scientific journals in nephrology. Kidney International provides the latest laboratory and clinical research the renal function medicine. That peer-reviewed international journal is the key forum for renal science and medicine. Kidney Int continues his a vital resource for researchers all over the world. For more information about the magazine you can visit.

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