– – low-level ER quantification of ER expression by AQUA analysis a continuous repetition risk assessment for patients treated with tamoxifen can deliver express patients show significant benefit from radiation treatment whereas radiation treatment did not show any advantage in high-level ER-expressing patients.

Investigators hope to confirm the clinical findings in a second study with a prospectively assembled patient population, ideally from a cooperative group or other multi-institutional study. HistoRx is pleased to to see available, which confirm our efforts in the preparation of an objective, quantitative and reproducible measurement of ER in patient specimens, commented Jason Christiansen, Senior Director of Operations for HistoRx and another author of the paper. We were excited, the additional findings on disease recurrence and irradiation have an answer, and will address the appropriate tests to confirm it. . Source: HistoRx.. The evaluation was conducted on a cohort of retrospectively collected breast cancer specimens from patients treated with tamoxifen with or without radiotherapy were.The study was conducted by to the the California Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Afar / Ellison Medical Foundation, Harold and Leila Y. Support Mathers Charitable Foundation, the FM Kirby Foundation, Sanofi – Aventis, MICINN the Fundacion Cellex and aid on of the NIH.

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