The research by work on by work on Buddhist monks, who spend years training in meditation. ‘You wonder if the mental skills, the calmness, the peace that they express, if a result a result of their very intensive training or if they were just very special people start,’says Katherine MacLean, who worked on the study as a doctoral student at the University of California – Davis. Her co – advisor, Clifford Saron, did some research with monks decades ago and wanted to meditate by studying volunteers through intensive training and seeing how it changes their mental abilities.

The task took 30 minutes and was very demanding. ‘Because this task is so boring and yet is also very neutral, it’s kind of a perfect index of meditation training,’says MacLean. ‘People may think meditation is something that you feel good and going on a meditation retreat is like going on vacation, and you will be at peace with yourself to be. This is what the people until they it it, then think makes you realize how hard it is to just sit and observe something without distraction. ‘.A higher minimum wage Edwards Exits poverty tourDemocratic presidential candidate former Sen. John Edwards wrapping on the Wednesday a three-day or eight-state poor tour , the discussions on issues like health, wage and educational contain The New York Times reports. According to the Times, Edward on the tour, tries to extend its focus on poverty, despite a few have raised doubts of whether the focused be politically resonant (Saulny, New York Times.

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