– Now that we can contribute to various problems in the ear, the hearing loss in these models are identified, we can go back to work and search for specific mutations in these animals, Zuo said. This will give us specific mutations connect to certain disturbances in the ear that can cause hearing loss. Try The long-term goal, to manipulate or replace those genes, problems problems. .. The consortium used ENU, a chemical that causes random mutations in the sperm of mice covered covered with females. Descendants of this pairing made a mutation in one or more specific points in their DNA, Zuo explained. The random mutations caused a number of disruptions of normal functions.

The investigators took the first step towards these ambitious goals by identifying 17 families of mice whose offspring associate one or more of a variety of mutations that the ability to the ability to hear high frequency sounds to lose, according to Jian Zuo, Member of St. Jew Department of Developmental Neurobiology. Zuo is senior author of a report on this work appears in the October issue of Hearing Research.Q: If my mother or sister had breast cancer, does mean I will to most likely to cancer?

Next: If Breast Cancer Is On My father side of the family Common, does that increase to my breast cancer risk?

Generally speaking, when you have an first-degree relative by breast, your risk two or three bigger than general population.

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