The article will run in April print issue of Peptides.Antisense molecules are very specific compounds scientists the scientists in genetic pathways stuck and block specific genes from the production of harmful proteins.

Many scientists believe that overproduction of amyloid beta protein in the brain causes Alzheimer’s disease. Previous Saint Louis University research has found that scientists can develop antisense to cross the blood-brain barrier and lower levels of amyloid beta protein in mice.– ‘Da launched understood many behaviors adult health health in adulthood and set in adolescence, how early life experiences influence those behaviors will to help prevention and treatment of effort, ‘Hussey said. ‘children and young will be a better chance of the growth developed for healthy adults, if we will can engaged early and effectively. ‘.. Over one in four children reported physical assault, is defined as slapping, in adolescence, or parent or parent or adults supervisor. The third most common types of abuse was a physical neglect, where one parent or caregiver of a child did not satisfy basic needs of, how keep he / they lined and, fed and appropriate.

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