The editorialists comment that the conclusions Punglia and colleagues are important because the field of pharmacogenomics to have captured the attention of breast cancer physicians. However, the analysis was in and assumptions , and with caution with caution . ‘We do not recommend routine CYP2D6 genotyping for all considering considering tamoxifen, although we recognize that there are already selected circumstances in which such knowledge may be useful,’they wrote.

After the chemotherapy, are encouraging and show CD44+ / CD24-/low cells increased in 31 paired biopsy samples, from a mean of 4.7 % at baseline to 13.6 % at 12 weeks of therapy. Biopsy samples taken after chemotherapy were also more efficient at forming mammospheres, self-renewal, a statement when grown in culture. However there was a decrease in the proportion of CD44+ / CD24-/low cells in biopsies from 21 women treated with lapatinib, from 10 % to 7.5 %. The results of this study are encouraging, showing that inhibition of the most important regulatory mechanisms might responsible for the self-renewal to extend the effects of conventional therapy and improve clinical outcome, the authors write.

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