Because of this, we now have an opportunity to produce antibodies which may be used to identify infectious disease agents like SARS and anthrax, and for environmental research and biotechnology applications. Dr Streltsov says defining the structures was complicated, as they are so different from other immune-program molecules particularly. There have been also many subtle changes acquired over millions of years of evolution, which proved these shark antibodies have a unique evolutionary history, he says. Over the last 500 million years, the shark disease fighting capability appears to have co-opted a particular type of cell-surface proteins to its use, creating a novel additional class of antibodies totally unlike those observed in humans. The discovery and a explanation of new antibodies acquired from wobbegong sharks , was published this week in the prestigious journal, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.It brings together two successful companies to create one great group and Atlanta's leader in walk-in care and attention.’ The acquisition, CRH's fourth in three years, is part of CRH Healthcare's growth strategy in the greater Atlanta metro region, which is part of a broader southeastern technique that also includes three centers in Huntsville, AL operated under the Urgent Medcare brand. To get the acquisition and their potential growth expectations, CRH earned a new also, lead equity sponsor, MSouth Equity Companions, which is situated in Atlanta also.

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