Can provide real help in the public safety need for a drugged driving policy that reduces the amount of drugged driving incidents on the highway. Cannabis is second and then alcoholic beverages for causing impaired generating and automobile accidents. In ’09 2009, 12.8 percent of adults reported driving under the influence of illicit medications and in the 2007 National Roadside Study, more drivers tested positive for medicines than for alcohol. These cannabis smokers experienced a 10-fold increase in car crash damage weighed against infrequent or non-users after adjustment for bloodstream alcohol focus.Without reform, services can be unsustainable and more costly as the population ages increasingly. The Alzheimer Society will continue steadily to champion the healthcare needs of Ontario family members coping with dementia and appears forward to dealing with the Liberal Government to lead change.

Colorcon acquires exclusive rights to market ARmark’s micro-tag authentication technology ARmark Authentication Technology, LLC, and Colorcon, Inc. The alliance provides Colorcon unique rights to advertise ARmark’s micro-tags for tablet film coatings also to market this technology to pharmaceutical manufacturers globally. The micro-tags are seamlessly integrated into existing tablet film coating processes without additional manufacturing steps or capital investments.

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