– In a paper in the February issue of Nature published, researcher at Boston University and the University of California, reported San Diego , that computer models predicted the new phenomenon before they confirmed in laboratory experiments. The family of James J. Collins, biomedical engineering professor at BU, and Jeff Hasty, a neuroscience professor at UCSD led, reported that the rise and fall in the amount of green fluorescent protein detected in computer models that matched the pattern in E. Coli in various in various laboratory conditions..

We are of the study are upset because the model itself led to a counterintuitive prediction, supported by experiments , said, said UCSD the Hasty. is the next logical step for noise in the expression of proteins that are a bacterium a bacterium survival would investigate, Hasty said. We have just begun to sense how noise in gene expression may be involved in life to get a cell.Health expenses well causes 29 percent of respondents increases difficulty figures basic needs like food, J or the case to are, as 20 percent said they had increase their credit card debt health care health care calculations. More than 70 percent said that they think that reforming the U.S. Health care system has, having 24 percent to say call a complete overhaul and 47 percent, they are of major changes . U003c/ Bru003e The survey findings are available online.

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