It was nearly two decades since a new organism was identified in this group, most of which were in the early and mid 20th Century discovered.

Tuberculosis usually manifests itself as a respiratory disease and is spread by inhalation of the bacteria in the lungs, mungi is quite different. The infection appears to environmental pollution and movement of the pathogen into the banded mongoose host through the animal’s nose, possibly through abrasions on the surface of the nose , that could result from feeding activity are linked.The research support from the National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association and the Bayer Pharmaceuticals Corp. Supported.

This genetic factors to the clinical characteristics in order haemorrhage forecast and seem of at least to declare out of of the variation between patients.. Moreover predict after a heart operation hemorrhages.

The researchers first 19 various nucleotide polymorphisms 13 candidate gene select that previous studies has shown for the effective on the ability of blood to coagulate. Be genetic information of blood collected withdrawn of 780 patients front a heart operation from Duke University Hospital with the amount of hemorrhages after the operation correlates. – Genetic dissection of gave to seven polymorphisms of shows of blood platelets surface receptors, coagulation proteins and angiotensin-converting enzyme to be significantly associated with increased bleeding following heart surgery, Welsby said.

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