However, the researchers do think that CGA may form the foundation of a treatment for those who need extra help. They plan to conduct more study to build up an improved CGA formulation designed for human consumption. ‘We're not really suggesting that folks start drinking a whole lot of coffee to safeguard themselves from an unhealthy lifestyle,’ said Ma, who is also an associate of UGA's Obesity Initiative. ‘But we do think that we might be able to create a useful therapeutic using CGA that will assist those at risk for obesity-related disease because they make positive changes in lifestyle.’..Childhood trauma increases vulnerability to different health problems in later life Long-term changes in immune function due to childhood trauma could explain improved vulnerability to a range of health issues in later life, according to new research by the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology & Neuroscience at King's University London and the NIHR Maudsley BRC. The study, today in Molecular Psychiatry published, found heightened swelling across three bloodstream biomarkers in adults who had been victims of childhood trauma. High levels of inflammation can result in serious and potentially life-threatening conditions such as for example type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease as well as the onset of psychiatric disorders.

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