7 Weirdest Medical ConditionsThe 9 Many Bizarre Medical Circumstances7 Embarrassing Health ProblemsCopyright 2014 LiveScience, a TechMediaNetwork firm. All rights reserved. This material might not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.. Human brain tumor causes girl’s uncontrollable laughter They say laughter may be the best medicine. But imagine if laughter may be the disease? For a 6-year-old lady in Bolivia who experienced from uncontrollable and inappropriate bouts of giggles, laughter was an indicator of a significant brain problem. But doctors initially diagnosed the kid with misbehavior. She was regarded as spoiled, crazy – – devil-possessed even, Dr. [14 Oddest Medical Instances] But Burgos Zuleta found that the true reason behind the girl’s laughing seizures, called gelastic seizures medically, was a mind tumor.Colorectal cancer may be the second-leading cause of tumor deaths in the United States for women and men combined. With the new evidence from the WHI trial, Stefanick said females should continue steadily to make certain they get plenty of calcium and Vitamin D for his or her bone health, but that they shouldn’t expect this to produce a difference in preventing colorectal malignancy. Because we don’t have good evidence of how to prevent colorectal cancer, the need for early recognition through regular screenings should be emphasized for men and women from age 50 onward, Stefanick said.

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