With the right solutions in place, that is an area that has huge potential to advance the medical sciences and eventually save many human lives as we’ll be able to faster and more precisely identify patients. Predicated on the fast tournaround for sequencing outcomes, we shall be able to start the initial critical remedies or preventive measures earlier, to ultimately ensure a greater degree of success! Our Ion PGM sequencer does a single run in about a couple of hours, which makes our basic, yet scalable technology ideal to participate this molecular diagnostics project, where period is a crucial factor in the individual diagnosis phase, stated Vice President of Software & Informatics at Ion Torrent, Alan Williams, PhD.Implements and funds a national clearinghouse for kid vision wellness within the Department of Human and Health Services.Enhances and fully money national campaigns to encourage early identification of child vision problems also to prevent accidental injuries from sports and playthings.Designs and implements a continuing data system that monitors prevalence of child vision problems as well as access and utilization of child vision treatment solutions.

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