Circulation journal introduces new series on preventive cardiology, lifestyle interventions Today, Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association launches a year-very long themed series that will focus on preventing coronary disease . The series highlights the importance of preventive strategies as a first-line technique in the fight against CVD and the effect of behavioral and complementary interventions in reducing the CVD burden. ‘Preventive Cardiology and Lifestyle Medicine’ will feature regular monthly review papers by leading cardiology experts exploring new insights in preventive cardiology, life-style interventions and cardiac rehabilitation. Related StoriesWhite layer hypertension, masked hypertension boost cardiovascular occasions over the yearsPeople with high fitness amounts in midlife possess lower annual health care costs after age 65Liposomal sizing and the Coulter principle: an interview with Professor Melvin E.Back in 2006, research released in the journal Food Microbiology discovered that both grape seed and pine bark extracts are also powerful, natural meats preservatives. In that scholarly study, researchers discovered that both grape seed and pine bark are better than artificial preservatives at preventing the growth of dangerous microbes and the advancement of oxidation on meats (.

Causal relation between multiple factors and occurrence of neurodegenerative disorders: ANNs help get to know Mild cognitive impairment is usually often considered an early indicator of Alzheimer’s disease .

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