However based on the paper’s lead researcher, Diana Smart, an interesting divide was exposed between what parents think about their kids and what teachers think. Some of today’s parents think their children are progressing well, teachers, on the other hand, tended to report more instances of hyperactivity and carry out problems among their charges. Ms Smart shows that today’s parents are probably more tolerant and knowledge of, or less suffering from challenging child behaviour and therefore less likely to record it as problematic, while today’s teachers may be more aware of conduct issues than these were in the past and more ready to report their presence..‘Partnering with CareCore raises our ability to provide payers and providers to the desk to work together on a fresh model for enhancing the quality and value of malignancy care.’ ‘Cancer care takes a different method of cost and quality management than the models typically used in health care. The path to continuing quality improvement and sustainable price control in cancer care is to change the patient care process at the point of treatment,’ said Richard Weininger, M.D., medical director for oncology services at CareCore.

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