The most common side effect is exhaustion, feeling exhausted and exhausted. You can prepare for fatigue by: Asking someone to drive you to and from chemotherapy Planning period to rest on your day of and time after chemotherapy Getting help with meals and child care the day of and at least 1 day after chemotherapy.. Chemotherapy and Your Daily Life Chemotherapy affects people in different ways. How you feel depends on how healthful you are before treatment, your type of cancers, how advanced it is, the type of chemotherapy you are getting, and the dose.It is available in the denomination of 240, 120, 480 and 360 capsules at online stores. You can place purchase for these herbal supplements from the ease and comfort of home or office using credit or debit cards. You can also enjoy free shipping of natural supplements for stamina and savings up to US Dollar 15 on online purchase of 480 capsules. Reading health benefits of each of the component help to pick the best supplements to improve energy and stamina.

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