Deficits, delaying a compromise until after the 2014 midterm elections perhaps, White House officials and congressional lawmakers said . The Associated Press: A Respite For Medicare; Social Security No Worse Medicare's long-term health is beginning to look a little better, friday the government said, but both Social Security and Medicare are still wobbling toward insolvency within two decades if Congress and the president don't look for a real method to shore up the trust money established to deal with older Americans. Medicare's giant fund for inpatient care shall be exhausted in 2026, two years than estimated this past year later, while Social Security's projected insolvency in 2033 remains unchanged, the government reported .‘Although a medical test based on buccal cells continues to be in development, the method of analyzing cheek cells to identify cancers is showing interesting results.’ Dr. Turic and co-workers analyzed randomized cheek scrapings of 150 verified lung cancer patients and 990 high-risk patients, using Automated Quantitative Cytometry . Able to detect subtle changes in buccal cell nuclei, the AQC program analyzes thousands of cells per specimen and decreases the data to an individual rating that predicts the probability of the presence of cancer. Of the buccal specimens collected, the AQC showed 66 % sensitivity at 70 % specificity overall, and 61 % sensitivity for stage I lung cancer, which comprised 47 of the 150 instances.

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