BES procedure might prevent cell apoptosis in stem cell-based transplantation therapy Researchers in the Beihang University School of Biological Technology and Medical Engineering, led by Dr here . Yubo Lover, can see that Biphasic Electrical stimulation , a nonchemical procedure, can be utilized as a technique for avoiding cell apoptosis in stem cell-based transplantation therapy. This article describing their research will be released in the August 2013 problem of Experimental Biology and Medication. The scientists think that their technique will be utilized for spinal-cord injury patients later on. Spinal cord damage is a significant disease of the central anxious system.

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BPA tooth fillings linked with kids’ behavior problems BPA, or bisphenol-A, is a chemical substance within cans and other meals packaging that is linked to health threats such as for example cancer and birth defects and the disruption of regular development in infants and kids. Today, a new research in the July 16 problem of Pediatrics links the BPA that’s used in specific types of children’s tooth fillings to a somewhat elevated risk for behavioral complications. Can ‘Keep 32’ chemical substance keep you cavity-free? Even more preschoolers turning up to dentists with 10 cavities or even more, says survey BPA linked with behavior problems in ladies, but think about boys? After a five calendar year follow-up period, kids with the highest contact with BPA-based fillings scored even worse on behavioral assessment lab tests and had more psychological problems like anxiousness and major depression than their counterparts.

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