Grb-2 can be an adaptor proteins that works as a crucial linker between growth element receptors and the RAS pathway, a pathway frequently activated in cancer. IBC and TNBC frequently over-express multiple growth aspect tyrosine kinase receptors involved with growth proliferation, survival and invasion. They are essential tyrosine kinases involved with TNBC and IBC progression and also have been shown to make use of the Grb-2 protein within their signaling pathways. Bio-Route's drug applicant Liposomal Grb-2 comes with an antisense drug chemical that prevents the cell from producing the Grb-2 protein. Furthermore, since Grb-2 can be involved with multiple malignancy signaling pathways, blocking Grb-2 provides multiple possibilities to interrupt or limit tumor progression.Each chromosome has two arms – a short arm called the p arm and an extended arm called the q arm. In tumour cells the amount of chromosomes can vary significantly from the standard cell amounts and in ependymoma a regular finding from biological studies is elevated copies of chromosome #1 1, increased numbers of the lengthy arm of chromosome 1 specifically. This abnormality is certainly termed 1q copy quantity gain.

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