Angle Recession Glaucoma HOME CURES An optical eyes doctor will perform a comprehensive exam, that will include measuring the eye pressure and directly visualizing the angle structures. The trabecular meshwork is certainly hidden from view in the angle, but it can be examined by the optical eyesight doctor with the slit lamp microscope utilizing a gonioscope, a device with small mirrors, much such as a periscope . The angle structures can also be evaluated with various other imaging devices such as for example ultrasound biomicroscopy and optical coherence tomography . The optic nerve is carefully examined to determine if glaucomatous damage is present then.

Angiochem announces results of Phase 1 /2 clinical trials of ANG1005 ANG1005 Crosses the Blood-Brain Barrier to Reduce Tumor Size and is Effective in Resistant TumorsAngiochem, Inc. A clinical-stage biotechnology organization developing drugs that can handle crossing the blood-human brain barrier to treat brain diseases uniquely, announced today that its lead drug candidate, ANG1005, has demonstrated a favorable safety and efficacy profile in a lot more than 100 patients with brain cancer from two separate Stage 1 /2 clinical studies in patients with progressive gliomas, including recurrent glioblastoma, and in sufferers with progressive mind metastases. These data, which validates in humans Angiochem’s peptide-based system technology , on October 18 were shown at the Culture for Neuroscience Annual Interacting with in Chicago, 2009.

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