America’s mass surveillance is eroding freedom of the press, freedom of speech and democracy Massive U.S silagra vs viagra . Surveillance applications limit the power of journalists and reporters to communicate confidentially with resources while restraining attorneys from adequately representing their customers, says a new report issued in past due July by a pair of advocacy groups. The result, based on the report, is that journalists and lawyers encounter increasing challenges, both in their capability to disseminate information also to contain the U.S. Authorities to account, The Wall structure Street Journal and additional media reported.

Almost all of the victims have been around in the three West African nations of Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. WHO reported last week that Ebola continues to be widespread in Sierra Leone and even more cases remain occurring in Guinea. However, Liberia has been producing strides in controlling the disease and released its last known Ebola patient from a healthcare facility on March 5.. American Ebola patient heading to Maryland hospital An American healthcare worker has tested positive for the Ebola virus in Sierra Leone and has been flown back to the United States for treatment, the National Institutes of Health said Thursday.

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