A new area in MS assessment’examined with these discoveries and many other potential biomarkers yet, we are nothing nothing less than a new field of CNS disease evaluation, ‘Professor Filippi concluded. ‘Instead the dark for months or years, or dependent on very expensive and charge diagnostic tools, we increasingly understand surrogates, which bio – language of the body. It leads us in a relatively simple way to correct diagnosis and let us see the development of the disease and / or treatment. We expect that to continue this shift in diagnostic paradigms and still get more exciting opportunities in the coming years. ‘.

Source: ENS 2011biomarkers – surrogates, which can be measured objectively and as indicators of certain biological states, salutogenic or pathogenic processes or reactions to medication – are increasingly important in many areas of modern medicine, before everything everything but as in neuroscience Neurological diseases are the most complex nature, sometimes difficult to see, and if only be only be on clinical trials, the effects or ineffectiveness of of treatment obviously at a late stage..Integration is increasingly about development field than critical support strategy promotes sustainability and demonstrated Results The in the achievement impact detected.

, to help health and water / waste water provides better results to the world’s poorest.

In the meantime, to Nepal, through collaboration, the national government to relief agencies, nonprofit organizations and communities have a program all local doctors and nurses complete work out in hygiene education. This work will now one step continued monitoring system with which installation of a new federal water quality integrated approaches that as well as symptoms of the issue.

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