The researchers acknowledge, follow-up studies need to be performed, and they are quick to warn parents and pediatricians that the body of research evidence suggests television under the age of 2 does more harm than good. TV brought exposure in infants at increased risk of obesity, attention disorders, and decreased quality of sleep in conjunction, said Michael Rich, a pediatrician who heads the Center for Media and Child Health and co-author on the study and the current AAP Guidelines.

Notes:The Center for Media and Child Health is an interdisciplinary center for research, clinical intervention and education about the impact of media on the physical, mental and social health of children. CMCH makes research and tips for parents and teachers can be found at:. Continue reading

Older people, who Social Care system is at Breaking Point As Help The Aged welcomed government assessment of eligibility, UKresponse to the Commission for Social Care Inspection report ‘State of the Nation ‘, Paul Cann, Director of Policy & External Relations at Help Age Age said:.

GSK has announced eight voluntary licenses to generic versions of patented HIV / AIDS drugs for patients GSK in Africa south of the Sahara to produce output. In 2006 alone, GSK supplied 86 million tablets ARVs preferential prices to developing countries, while over 120 million ARV generic tablets companies companies licensed by GSK. Continue reading

Approval of Cervista HTA provides Hologic, a global leader in the cervical cancer screening, cervical cancer is the most complete solution in the market today. Made impressive progressp Pap test and HPV Cervista HR and Cervista HPV 16/18 test.

Hologic has been dedicated to the prevention of cervical cancer through screening since the introduction of the ThinPrep Pap test in 1996. The ThinPrep Pap Test is now the most widely used liquid cytology platform in the United States and many other countries of the world. In 2003, Hologic was the first computer – guided imaging system for cervical cancer with the approval of its ThinPrep Imaging System , as become the standard of care for the majority of ThinPrep customers to introduce. With the consent of the Company Cervista HTA system provides Hologic a complete cervical solution is scalable for all laboratory customers.. Continue reading